Bob Boross - Jazz Dance
Choreographer - Teacher - Author
Jazz dance ~ Tap dance ~ Musical Theatre

Bob has set his jazz dances on companies in France, Finland, Italy, and Russia, as well as for
Jazz Dance Los Angeles and the NY Jazz Choreography Project. He is artistic director of Bob Boross Freestyle Jazz Dance, which performs in NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. He has choreographed Equity and non-Equity musical theatre productions from California to NYC. (more…)

Bob is a master teacher in jazz dance (including the Matt Mattox freestyle technique), tap dance, and musical theatre dance, and had been invited to teach throughout Europe and Scandinavia, at all major NYC dance studios, and for prestigious university programs like Carnegie-Mellon, Northwestern, UC Irvine. (

Bob has published articles on jazz dance for
Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher, Dancer, and Dance Chronicle. His books Jazz Dance and The Freestyle Dance of Matt Mattox are available on iTunes and iBooks. (more…)